The other day a guy from Hermanus knocked on our door. There he was standing: waybill in the one hand and an empty BLANKbottle in the other. “Sorry to bother” he said, looking confused. The waybill was for a delivery that went out to Hermanus a few weeks ago. “I got your address from this wine delivery waybill and would like to know if you can tell me where I can find 4 bottles of this wine”. It turned out to be quite an interesting story.

He lives in Hermanus and one Saturday afternoon, a few weeks ago, he received a wine delivery from BLANKbottle wines. Not knowing BLANKbottle, he signed for it assuming that someone was spoiling him with a free case of wine. That evening him and his friends polished 4 bottles (as you do…) The following morning his phone rang. It was his Johannesburg based, holiday house neighbour, asking him to please accept a wine delivery on his behalf. Turns out his neighbour were stocking up for the summer vacation and decided to rather have the wine delivered to his holiday house. Luckily there were still a few cases of the wine left and I could help the client with the 4 bottles to fill the case once again. Model of the story: I’m more than happy to deliver your holiday stock at your holiday home, but make sure you can TRUST the recipient!

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