Goodness! This was a quick one! The year is almost on its back, done and dusted! I remember my school days. I didn’t particularly like the routine of school much, but was willing to endure 46 weeks of torture in return for a 6 week summer vacation. Most people are willing to be stuck in positions and professions which they hate for 50 weeks just to earn a bit of money and 2 weeks of leave. To me, this simply makes no sense. I decided to shift the focus to the enjoyment of the 50 weeks rather, and can assure you that the summer vacation is always a guaranteed blasting success. Live your dream and do your work with Passion with your passion being your work! That’s how I ended up once again in front of the books at the age of 25 – Stellenbosch University studying Viticulture and winemaking. Now I have the privilege that my passion is my work: making and selling one thing = FLAVOUR!

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Due to the many small batches of wines we make, availability changes on a daily basis. Please email if you’d like to order any of our wines or if you are looking for a specific wine, and she will reply with a list of wines now selling. If the wine you are looking for is sold out, we could suggest some alternative excitement and/or we could also put together a unique selection for you.

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