This is the official release of my new white wine, “Moment of Silence“. It’s a wooded blend of three noble white wine cultivars: Chardonnay, Chenin blanc and Viognier. To see its full history, log onto

The Price? This time the ball was in your court. I asked the first 20 clients who were up for the challenge to pay me what it is worth to them (a good thing I can trust my clients…. I sent them 6 bottles each on consignment).

As I’ve always said that my aim is to over-deliver on quality, I’ve decided to price it BELOW the average of your payments! Moment of Silence is therefore selling for R40 a bottle.

This is what some of you had to say:

“I would put this in the R75-R85 range”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it! I will pay R70 a bottle”

“I believe that you can charge a decent price for Moment Of Silence, however have to keep in mind what your aim is with Blankbottle – good wine at a good price.”

“I adore the label. It is simple yes classy and really gives a feeling of relaxation and put me in the mood to kick back and enjoy the wine.”

‘I got really good feedback from Derek, who reckons it’s your best wine…”

“Beef fillet, set on saffron butter potatoes, topped with cream spinach, crispy ham and some sauted julliene vegetables. What a great combo. The neighbours enjoyed it, and compared the wine to Tranquille.Third bottle was with a friend at my home. A glass before dinner, and the rest of the bottle at the table. Well-spiced battered chicken breast fillets, served with a tsai-tsai, basil, rosa tomato and flat rice noodle salad. Once again the wine performed well, and stood well in the arena with Durnbanville Chardonnay which followed.”

“The wine is presented in a tall, elegant bottle, with a simple white label bearing the name “Moment of Silence” – we all agree that this looks excellent and the name certainly holds true to the wine, as we discovered when we tasted it. The wine is a straw colour and we all agreed that we could smell pineapple, vanilla, lemon and a trace of spiciness, amongst other things which our amateur noses had a hard time identifying. “

“I will score the wine a 16+ on the 20 point system”


“With all that, we decided that if we buy the wine on the market in a retail shop, we will pay R65 a bottle. However (and I hope you don’t feel cheated here), since your motto is to over deliver on quality and want to keep prices affordable, buying from the winemaker direct, we settled on R55.”

“The wine is a monster ie big, challenging, unfussy, uncomplicated and well wooded.”

“Jy het juis blank bottle geskep sodat ons nie vir branding hoef te betaal nie, maar jy is nou so goed dat jy alreeds ‘n brand met jou nie-branding opgebou het.”

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