I’m back from a two week trip to Johannesburg where I presented 6 wine tastings, met more than 200 people, signed up 100 new members and sold heaps of wine! On top of that an amazing venue for future tastings landed in my lap – indeed a blessed two weeks! But what probably rates highest is the truly fascinating people I had the privilege of meeting!

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What is the right way to assess wine quality? On behalf of the wine industry I would like to apologise. We, as representatives, often dump the consumer into a pit of confusion and unnecessary pressure. First you’re meant to swirl your glass, lift it and look into it as if you are longing for someone you don’t know, taste it, ponder and then, give your expert opinion whether it smells more like dirty feet or lemon meringue pie. Instead of trying my best not to disappoint the expectations of my fellow wine drinkers I would also, to be honest, rather order a beer! And so do many of my friends. You order a beer and that is it. You drink it, and no-one gives a hoot if you like it or not. Except maybe in the rare case of your host wanting to know if it’s cold enough.

My friends and family are great CONSUMERS. From a winemakers perspective I can honestly say that they don’t know much about wine tasting, but they are key to the success of BLANKbottle and I love them for it. When I give them one of my new blends, they will immediately tell me if they like it or not. Thereafter, my wife who is the final HUMAN authority in BLANKbottle, describes it in one of only two ways: “It tastes expensive” or “It tastes cheap“.

My tasting panels are always made up of normal people. People like you and me.

I recieved the following e-mail after this newsletter:

Hi Pieter!!

Thank you So much!! I’ve often felt like such twit when tasting wines with those who ‘know it all’. Its so nice to get your ‘human’ perspective. I wholly agree – in the end its about -> Do u like it or don’t you. Does it taste good or bad. Or does it taste cheap or expensive as you’ve put it. Most importantly – Are u enjoying the smelling and drinking of it??!

Now i wont stress about all that anymore. As long as I like and enjoy what im drinking…


Charlene Williams

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