In October 2007 a very good friend, Jan de Villiers, invited me for a wine tasting the following Thursday afternoon – secret venue. Although I was quite busy at the time, I just had a feeling that I shouldn’t miss it (we all have to make our sacrifices..!) I met him at his beautiful office on a farm outside Stellenbosch and we drove all the way to Wellington. When we arrived at the farm, I was completely blown away by one of the most spectacular setting I had ever come across. The owner’s son took us on a tour of the farm. I’m sworn to confidentiality but what I can tell you is that I met some quality people with an intense attention to detail. They showed me their winery, we tasted very interesting wines and weird cultivars and the family even invited me and Jan for lunch!

Ever since then we have been working together. I like working in all the wine producing areas and do not want to single out one, but when it comes to Chenin and Viognier, you would seriously want to consider Wellington. To cut a long story short, since my introduction to Wellington I felt at home and loved the area, its grapes and its people. I’ve always somehow felt that I was directed there and on the right place for the moment. As time went on, and the wine kept on impressing me, I realized that the area could definitely play a massive role in my business for years to come.

I’ve always liked my middle name – Hauptfleisch – my mom’s maiden name. (As opposed to my wife, who keeps making jokes about it!) Recently, my mom started studying our family background and tree in order to find out where exactly the HAUPTFLEISCH family is from. Last week she told me that the third generation Hauptfleisch on our side of the family (Daniel Benjamin Hauptfleisch 1781 – 1824), in South Africa, owned a farm in Wellington. She gave me the name. After doing some investigation myself, I found out that the guys I work with in Wellington actually bought the farm in 1981. And, you won’t believe it: 2 thirds of the Chenin blanc used in the JOEL, consists of wine made from grapes from that specific farm. I mean, what are the odds?? 2 months after I bottled my new wine I find out that 50% of the wine was made with grapes from the farm where my family farmed 7 generations ago!

Isn’t this an amazing discovery, and YES, confirmation that I am in the right place at the right time.

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