Here is a mail I received from a good friend:


You made the top 10 best ideas list on this site!!
That’s amazing – it’s an international site competing GLOBALLY!!!
You Rock!!

While headlines in 2008 focused on failing markets, foreclosures and fear of worse to come, our network of 8,000+ Springspotters had no trouble finding bright new business ideas as they continued to pop up around the globe. Here are our favourites across 10 industries:*

All of these ideas offer plenty of opportunities in 2009, whether it’s by partnering with one of the featured businesses, bringing their concept to your part of the world, or being inspired to add similar offerings to your own brand, product or service.

Although it won’t be an easy year for most entrepreneurs, we strongly believe that—along with hard work, talented leadership and inspired execution—innovation is key to surviving the current economic slump. We look forward to bringing you heaps more smart new business ideas over the next 12 months! (If you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll send you weekly updates to make sure you don’t miss anything—subscribe for free here.)

* Your industry not listed? Check out our idea database for recent spottings in other categories, including transportation, financial services and homes & housing.


  1. Filippa K — Swedish fashion brand launches its own secondhand store
  2. Gerbola Vin — Wine selling & storytelling
  3. Fashionology LA — Retailer helps tweens make their own clothes
  4. Chocri — Custom-made chocolate bars
  5. HOJO — Health and wellness shop focuses on seniors
  6. Foodzie — An Etsy for artisanal food
  7. Lush — Lush brings back discontinued products on demand
  8. Naked Wines — Online farmers’ market for small wine producers
  9. BLANKbottle — Winery lets customers set prices
  10. Myfab — Furniture shopping with the crowds 



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