It seems that the Parlotones, currently featured as one of Glasswerk’s gigs of the week, are set to launch their own wine. 

According to BLANKbottle, a South African website, the band’s frontman Kahn Morbee has always dreamed of someday making his own brand of wine, and made no secret of it. So when Hands on Wine learned of Morbee’s ambitions, the two naturally came together to attempt to make that dream a reality.

The two parties’ initial meeting broke some major ground, and Cape Wine Master Allan Mullins and Pieter Walser of BLANKbottle were commissioned in order to assist the band in discovering the best wines on the Cape. From this new union, the band managed to bottle Giant Mistake, their own brand of South African wine.

“We’ve always wanted to know how to make wine and now, with the help of wine experts at the farm, we are making our own,” Morbee told the Times. “We’ve been mixing a whole lot of flavors to find what we really like.”

Just as the band comes together to play songs, the wine is a result of “a blend of 4 cultivars which together creates something extraordinary.” The Parlotones set out to make a quality bottle which was slated for availability in July.
The band didn’t want to reveal too much about the bottle prior to its release, but the BLANKbottle website quotes Morbee as saying: “I feel that wine is often associated with romance and the romanticism in the Parlotones lyrics makes this combination ideal. I would describe ‘Giant Mistake’ as a wine where sophistication meets creativity.”

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