As you well know, this time of the year is very busy for everyone involved with wine! I’m no exception, so you might notice the week reports getting shorter… To summarize, my life at the moment is marked by a constant challenge to achieve balance and prioritizing! Rather than giving you a day-to-day report, I’ve decided to rather give you an overview of my projects.

For the 2010 harvest BLANKbottle will be involved in a few projects at various locations within the Western Cape. Up to now we’ve received Chardonnay from Wellington and the Helderberg, Chenin blanc from the Swartland and Wellington, Viognier from the Voor-Paardeberg and Wellington, and then a few (very unique and interesting) cultivars I’m not at liberty to mention. For the remainder of the season we’re expecting 3 more white and 3 red wine varietals.
Each day turns out to be different than planned, but it is typical for this time of year. Where the fun comes in, is balancing my many job descriptions! Apart from the normal day to day running of my business (week reports, newsletters, planning of new wines, packaging and marketing, admin, budget, accounts, VAT etc), I am also the driver in charge of grape transport and assisting with making my 2010 wines. I am working on four new wines to be released in early March. So at the moment I also have to be focused on label design, printing and ordering packaging materials for labelling. With these wines, I am taking an new approach on labelling and education, but more of that later.

Many people say that I am the Winemaker, implying that I do all the work in terms of the grape production and wine making. They also know that I do the marketing and that I am the business owner. But, it is virtually impossible for me to do everything. No man is an island and I am no exception. There are many friends, family, winemakers, grower’s and BLANKbottle fans who support me in everything I do, especially this time of the year. For instance: My father-in-law helps me transport my grapes when things get too rough, my mom-in-law babysits in order for my wife to help me in the office. So, it is thanks to people like this that I am privileged to be able to do what I love the most.

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