This is the release of my new wine: BLANKbottle Carignan 2007. The first wine of the Educational Range.
In August 2009, I released a wine called the Spaniard. The Spaniard is a blend of 42% Mourvedré, 24% Carignan, 24% Grenache and 10% Cinsaut. An unique wine, which I personally feel was a breakthrough for BLANKbottle in terms of innovation. After the first bottling I had enough wine left in barrel for a second bottling. I then had a choice: I could either bottle a second batch along the same lines as the first Spaniard or I could go for something very different.
It was a freezing cold winter evening I had to make a final decision. My second child, our little girl Alexa, had  just been born and my wife (and tasting partner) went to bed early. I, on the other hand, got into the bath with four little plastic wine barrel sample bottles, a bottle of The Spaniard, a measuring cylinder, a couple of wine tasting glasses as well as a big tasting glass. I arranged everything around the edge of the bath in a way that I could reach everything from a lying position. After a long evening of tasting, mixing and measuring I came to a decision which goes against my own personal preference in wine: bottling them all as single varietals. In my opinion, each of the components is exceptional and of the best expression of that specific cultivar that I’ve tasted. Besides that, I know it’ll get you talking!  So I’ve bottled each of the cultivars separately, by hand straight from barrel, unfiltered and unfined. I ended up with four very limited batches of wine I now call:  the Educational Range, parts 1 – 4.
Initially my plan was to expose you to and teach you the differences in each of these eccentric varietals. Now, after six months in bottle, these wines have matured and grown into four spectacular wines in their own right. I know that the whole is suppose to be better than the sum of the parts, but trust me in this case: each part is spectacular – The Carignan, Mourvedré, Grenache and the Cinsaut. In the two months to come I will be releasing one of these wines, every second week. So, I suggest: If you like the Spaniard (a blend of all four), stock up on it (I only have 56 cases left) and then buy each component in the weeks to come. They are all great.
Today I’m releasing “The Carignan 2007” (only 400 bottles available) at R59 per bottle. You can order and pay with your credit card online or e-mail me if you want to place your order and pay via Internet transfer or cash. I deliver all over South Africa door to door.
Remember, I have a 100% money back guarentee on all my wines. I therefore take all the risk. Go on, it’s all about the adventure…

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