This is the official release of the new Moment of Silence 2009 – a spectacular blend of three noble white wine cultivars: Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Viognier. Since the release of Moment of Silence 2007, I’ve had numerous requests to repeat the blend (it turned out to be one of BLANKbottle’s best sellers). I subsequently secured the vineyards and worked with their team for the last two years in order to repeat the blend and…here it is!
The price? With the 2007 vintage I put the ball in your court to determine the price. I asked the first 20 clients who were up for the challenge to pay me what it was worth to them and sent them each 6 bottles on consignment (and incidentally received all payments…. good thing I can trust my clients!) The average price the wine achieved was R50 a bottle. Personally I feel this year’s vintage is worth at least R65 per bottle, but due to the fact that I’m able to sell straight to the consumer, you empower me to release it at R49 per bottle.
The wine is stylistically the same as the 2007 vintage, but differs in the way the wine was matured. We used older barrels in order to get less wood extraction and integrated complexity. This ensures a weighty wine without obstructing the ability of the wine to express fruit. A crisp, clean wine with umph!

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