I was blown away by the response, compliments and especially all the stories in the search for my most long-standing client. What a trip down memory lane – all the challenges, learning opportunities and triumphs. Thank you for all who participated.
I received 78 great stories and could’ve easily dished out lots of spot prizes. If you want to read through the other entries, see below:
The competition was launched with the intention of getting you talking – so please don’t stop now. Life is all about the stories you have to tell, and we all have ours to tell.
But finally, once again, a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for your loyal support, much obliged!!
Same year as Ron Woulidge first joined \Refresh my memory (I am now 82??)
that’s an easy one because I clearly remember. It was last year in summer just before the soccer world cup and the German papers were full of SA articles. But there was this special in the weekly “STERN” about the winelands that was a bit different. It was not about the well known big cellars but rather the interesting small ones – and they had quite a few lines about you. I found this concept of blank bottles so intriguing that I checked your homepage right away. Very unfortunately, I learnt that I couldn’t get your wine in Germany but ever since, when I need a nice present for a friend in SA, I send them a few of your bottles and make them happy. It’s really a shame that so far I haven’t had a drop of your wine but we will be in Wilderness in March and then finally we will  treat ourselves with a case.
I wish you a successful 2011
Kind regards,
Mmmmmh my interesting storie is…….. eendag lank gelede het ek n familielid van die Spook ontmoet wat toe vir my vertel het hy is weer in die “mark” , nie dat dit iets met die wyn te doen gehad het nie, maar met die aflewering….Hy vertel toe van sy swaertjie wat vir R12 die greatste wyn verkoop sommer so uit sy boot uit en hy sal sommer self namens sy swaer die delivery kom doen…….
It was the beginning of wonderful friendships!
Annetjie van Rooyen
The rest of the 78 BLANKbottle stories:
Although this is an out-of-competition-post I would like to take the opportunity to a) stay in contact and b) share the experience I had when visiting Lanrust Farm.
Living in Germany and planning a vacation in South Africa in November 2010, we read an article in STERN magazine (the biggest weekly in Germany) about an interesting winemaker nearby Somerset West with an unlike idea for his products. In those stories the words “different”, “peculiar”and “a young wild” are a must-be-ingredient in today’s wine columns but this guy was was truely special and our curiosity was provoked.
So my wife Bettina managed to get an appointment for the two of us with Pieter during our stay in South Africa and after having cruised a moderately maintaind farm lane, meeting some very helpful and friendly locals in order to put us back on track we made it to the home of BLANKbottle.
We already had six or seven wine tastings before in the area and very soon we learned that here it was in fact “different”. No shine but wine!
The upcoming two hours of wine experience changed our approach to it completely. Pieter lead us deep into the world of viniculture and we were really carried away by his enthusiasm and his love for wine. Listening to his philosophy was irresistable and contagious leaving us with the problem that BLANKbottle is still only available for the chosen ones living in South Africa. Until now, but we’re hopefull (Pieter, thanks for the good news!).
Ahm, yes. A song of praise but really something I wanted to say!
All the best to you and for your plans for Europe (very selfish!)
best regards
Bettina & Guido
Wow! we do go back quite a while. In October 2004 you had just started out if memory serves me correctly? I can’t remember how I came in contact with you, but it was a memorable and auspicious occasion-firstly because of your innovative wine techniques which this industry sorely needed, and very importantly the most incredible service from you.
What actually happened, was that I two cases of wine (can’t remember the names, but they were superb) which I paid for but somehow the driver got lost on his delivery rounds. When I phoned to enquire as to their whereabouts you were so apologetic that you insisted on delivering them yourself and nogal threw in another case of wine gratis. The wine was outside my Somerset West home within the hour. Now that kind of service is not only exhilarating but rare. I know, because I’m in the peoples game, and service of that nature is a gift, which you have perpetuated through all these years, not only with superb and informative wine material, but by consistently sending me the e-mails, even though I hardly buy from you, current circumstances unfortunately do not allow me this very missable luxury.
What has also appealed to me over the years, are the superb and articulate articles that have emanated from your ‘pen’, delving into a very user friendly description of either making sparkling wine from scratch (what a hoot those series of articles were) or your avant garde experiments with various vintages.
Keep up this titillating adventure, like a great magazine, I wait with anticipation for each news letter. Oh! and Pieter, one of the stalwart factors making you a survivor of note, is your in-depth of knowledge of viticulture & oenology which you impart with such ease and simplicity for the layman like myself to understand, and you unique service. Keep it up. I salute you.
Warmest of regards.
P.S. The adventures on your web site are compulsive viewing as well.
I’m really not sure when I first heard of your wines, but I think it goes way back to the first introduction Peter Carruthers gave you in “Pete’s Weekly” where I think he used your model as a successful online business. I seem to recall that the first wine I bought was just labelled “Blank” with no other name attached to it, so maybe that gives you a pointer.
In those days your referred to your board meetings as just that – discussing matters with your buddy/partner whoever he was beyond the backline waiting for the the right wave. Hope you still do that sometimes!
Regards, John
I am convinced that I am not your most long-standing client, but I had a look at my emails to you anyway. It goes back as far as 1 May 2007 – find attached.
When the Parlotones celebrated their success performing at the opening ceremony of the soccer world cup, it reminded me of the video clip about the wine you produced for them, “Great Mistake”. Your tremendous success, as well as theirs, makes me proud to be South African.
What really fascinates me about your business is that you have proven what a powerful media the internet is. Who would have thought that the name “BLANKbottle” would make it to the top!
Regards,  Joep
Die eerste keer wat ek van Blankbottle gehoor het was by Arthur Keiser. Hy het onder in sy “kelder” vir ons ‘n bottel rooiwyn gaan haal en my vertel van hoe jy begin het om die wyn te lable as blankbottle. Bietjie onseker oor of ‘n wyn sonder ‘n naam werklik lekker kan smaak het ek dit wel probeer. En dit het my erg verras.
Daarna het die Keisers ons genooi na ‘n wyn en kos aand by hulle en ek moet se die wyn het van glas tot glas lekkerder gesmaak. En ons het mooi gedrink. Soos regte kenners!!
Ek het by jou wyn bestel en koop nou by Woolworths van Blankbottle.
Moet se ek is due vir ‘n goeie order by jou voor die winter begin.
The first introduction I had with you was thru Peter Carruthers, a friend of mine whom I grew up with in Fish Hoek and as a member of Business warriors. I recall this was Peter’s initiative to teach us warriors how quickly you could create launch and manage an internet marketing business. Your site was bommed with orders and I remember a mail coming in a few hours later shouting “stop die bussie” stock sold out and over subscribed by something like 4000 bottles, you promised to reimburse everyone whom you could not help and you got a unanimous vote to fill the orders at a later stage…
I was sitting in the waiting room of the Jakaranda hospital waiting for my Mother. She received surgery on her hands (she is an artist and works with her hands, so this surgery was quite important) and while I was waiting I read a magazine about Food and wine and read about this new BLANK concept of making wine.  I found it very interesting and told myself I should try a bottle.
A week later my Mother was able to use her hands again and she held glass of BLANK BOTTLE THE BOSS which I picked up at our local Woolies in the week. This was the first time my Mother had a glass of wine after her operation. We both enjoy our wine and we especially enjoyed your wine that day. Sitting around the table the whole family was happy my Mom was doing better after the operation; the success of the operation was symbolized when she was able to raise her BLANK BOTTLE THE BOSS glass and experience this beautiful wine.
We thanked God that she was ok and your wine was present at this day.
This was two years ago. That was the first time I had one of your wines! Keep up the magical work!
I was in early as far as I can remember – just after Peter Caruthers mentioned sipping your delicious wine and using your business and the Business Warriors as example of how a ready market exists if you look at all the possibilities.  I do not have the early records as I lost 2 laptops to “lightning”.  The first in Joburg where I resided – real lightning as only experienced on the Reef.  The second to someone as quick as lightning in Upper Orange (staying at a guest house there) – took out the window and off with the laptop while I went into the B & B to get another load of effects.
Anyway since that intro by Peter have been enjoying your wines, especially the reds.  Was fortunate to work in Cape Town on a project for 3 months and never went back to Joburg except to oversee the packing of effects to move to Cape Town.
Keep up the great wines.
While I don’t for a moment profess to be on your short list of most long-standing clients, I seem to recall that when I was in Cape Town, Blankbottle was still a fledgling venture.  It must have been early 2006 (?) when you personally delivered a bakkie-load of cases to the Berg River Dam construction site outside Franschhoek.  I had rounded up orders from project colleagues and you delivered the wine to us sans delivery charge.  In fact, you delivered wine to the site on two further occasions, including your Abrina wine (the first ‘named’ Blankbottle?).  For the life of me though, I can’t remember how I first heard about Blankbottle……..
I’m now based on a large engineering project in KZN and enjoy receiving your informative newsletters.  Though I haven’t ordered any of your wines for some time (transport costs to this far-flung corner of the Nation?!?!), this will hopefully change once I’m back in Cape Town in 2012.
Kind regards, Doug
Sover ek onthou was dit na jy Jan de Villiers gehelp het met sy eie labeled wyn so paar jaar terug. Kanie onthou wat hy dit genoem het nie maar dit was n Shiraz en dit was vrek lekker toe vertel hy my van jou storie toe bestel ek seker kort daarna.
Hoop als gaan goed daar en jy kry nog gesurf gereeld, lyk my jy is lekker besig deesdae, well done!
Groete, Charl
I stay in Cape Town, Blaauwberg and my parents in Pretoria! My first encounter with your wines was about 2 years ago with my Dad! We had the Spaniard and I was really impressed!
Last year when I was visiting my Dad again, we had the whole Educational range! Every night another bottle and discuss every bottle. Cinsaut was my favourite! My dad and one of his friends, Albert Wilken, often order wine..
Since then, I enjoy your newsletters and always check which Blank bottle is available in Woolies!
And to finish my story, one of my best friends, Howard Booysen always talk positivity about your wines!!
Hope I can be one of your lucky fans!!
Yours sincerely, Leanne
Interesting survey :).
We have quite a nice story about our wines. I was never really into my wines at the age of 26 having only dabbled in a few purchases here and there. I was not really into it because I felt it was rather expensive for a good quality wine. I then went over to dinner to Chris & Margerite Du Plessis (you may know them) house in 2006 when my girlfriend was a tenant on their property. They had BLANKbottle there for dinner and we really enjoyed it and they told us your story. I looked it up on the Internet and decided to purchase from your website in 2006 (October I think) and have never looked back. Your emails have taught me so much about wine. I have since really got into wines. One of my favourite pastimes was visiting the different wine estates in Stellenbosch and Franschoek. Since then, I have married that girlfriend back from 2006 and we thoroughly enjoy our wines. Hardly a day passes without a glass of wine in the evening. We even moved to Cape Town two months ago and have already been to the wine region four times. I definitely owe BLANKbottle my kick-start into the wine industry because it was affordable great quality wines. I have watched your success and was very proud to purchase your bottles from Woolies.
Thanks for everything,
Jay and Bridge

I met you for the first time at a function at Harbour Island in Gordon’s Bay. You did a guided tasting for a group of people convened by Mari Toth of Ithemba Business Solutions, and I correctly identified the constituents of both the red and white blends we tasted, I recall being given a bottle of each by you, and I bought a case of each as I recall shortly after that. I believe that was way back in late 2006 or early 2007.
You subsequently did a tasting at the Somerset West Rotary Club, at the invitation of my wife, Eppie, who also attended the event in Gordon’s Bay.
Regards, Norman
My oldest mail I could track down.   A fried Dave Dominicus introduced me to BlankBottle, strange thing is that he does not drink wine.
P.S.  I really enjoyed the wine you recently organized for me.
I first heard of Blank Bottle in Sept/Oct 2006 – from Dr de Goveia. The first order I placed was combined with Dr de Goveia, and you overcharged us for the delivery! (I’ve attached that mail here!)
Luckily the wines were so yummy, that did not deter me from starting my relationship with Blank Bottle.
My biggest order was probably around Jan 2008 when I purchased your wines to serve at my 50th b’day party – I think that was Moments of Silence and Kah Shah.
Great stuff! Cheers, Wendy
Well it is certainly not me, we only heard about Blank bottle a week ago at the Muizimbibers wine club meeting
Kind Regards, Jim
Thank you for your email this morning. Below is the email I sent you on 12th January, 2006, which is self explanatory! I think I also showed and gave you a copy of TCM software which I suspect you no longer use. Which’s a pity, because TCM’s the reason I found my original email to you so quickly and easily!
However, this email’s not about my cashing in on your generous offer because I don’t believe I have bought enough wine from you to qualify for any freebies! It’s simply about saying how pleased I am to see how well your business is going = how the Lord is blessing you guys for your faithfulness to Him.
Much love and blessings to you, Aneen and Luca,
I think this was my first order of Blank – but for the life of me I cannot recall how I came upon your wine…. glad I did though.
But alas, I don’t think I am your oldest client!!
Regards, Laura
Don’t know if this will qualify for most long-standing customer, but I first heard of BLANKbottle just before the end of 2006. I subsequently ordered my first case of Back TJ 2003 in April/May 2007. (I still have 3 bottles left and think I need to drink them now!)
I tried to go through my old e-mails and newsletters I received from you, but couldn’t find what I was looking for… There was quite a funny story of my first delivery that you published in a newsletter. A quick recap: I arranged for delivery at my holiday home in Kleinmond and my neighbour had to take delivery… and there was some kind of funny story you shared about this…
These days I thoroughly enjoy getting my BLANKbottle from Woolies. Luckily there are quite a few stocking your wine in my area!
Kind regards, Ronnie
I first saw you do a presentation at my Rotary club, Tygerberg Rotary Club. I think you had just started your business. It must have been in 2007/8 sometime.  We all bought some wine from you. I also fetched some wine from you at your home in Somerset West (or was it Strand?), one Saturday morning. We liked you so much, we invited you to do another talk in February 2009. I attach of photo of you taken during the evening at the Tygerberg Rotary Club with Mrs Ronelle Shuttleworth, date being 5th Feb 2009. (This is a memorable pic! You look so convincing!) Hopefully I qualify for some of your special wines!
Kind Regards, Zelda.
Forgive the poetic license if I added anything to the fact but Blank bottle had an enormous effect on all of us. Can’t quite remember when it started, I’m sitting at Geoge airport writing from memory on my communicator. Any way’s Blank bottle still remains my ONLY red wine purchase in the last 4 to 5 years. Good luck and keep them coming…
Best regards, Robbie
Interesting research, but I am afraid that my mental archive is no longer as good as it used to be, so I have to give this “competition” a miss. Neither can I look in my cellar as the first BLANKbottle I bought has been drunk long ago. Anyway, much success with your search and I look forward to reading who it was that first found U.
He he – that’s easy! I was a Pete’s weekly subscriber, and he sent out a mail lauding you and your wine.
I called the landline number first, but you were “out in the vineyards”, so I called you on your cell, and we had a long chat about what you were doing and where you were taking it (BLANKbottle, that is).  Then I rounded up some family and colleagues (we all figured at that price, we couldn’t go wrong, even if had to be gluhwein later  ), to make the shipping charges worthwhile, and ordered five cases of the wine that Pete had raved about.
It turned out to be the ISA42. One case went to my colleague Grant Eekhout, one to my brother-in-law Tim Allemann, two were for me, and then the buyer of the last case changed his mind, so three were for me 
I put one in the rack for immediate drinking, and put two down “for later”.  When we started running low on the first case (it didn’t take long!), I dug out eighteen of the bottles from the other two cases, and moved them somewhere safer.  As the first six bottles of case 2 ran low, I took twelve of the eighteen remaining and hid them so we didn’t drink them all at once.
I have no idea how many are actually left, because I hid them pretty well.  Every time I find a bottle of ISA42, I’m sure it’s the last, so we savour it until it’s all gone (except for one I gave Tim last year for his birthday – he was delighted!).  I found another three a couple of months ago, and think these might *really* be the last ones, so I’ve hidden two of them.  The other one is waiting on the rack….
Cheers, Kerry
Unfortunately I’m not one of your long-standing clients.  I only heard about you & tasted your wines at the Swartland Revolution, which was towards the end of last year.  Good luck to the lucky winners 🙂
Best regards, Gail
I first made a purchase from you in August 2007.  I do not recall where I heard of your products but very soon went on line and read your website and subscribed to your regular and very informative e-mail.  I must have become aware of your company a few months before August.  I would have found out about it from either the print media or more likely some form of article on line.
The first wines I bought were purely labelled Blank Bottle and I still have one or two in my collection.  It is still a surprise to open a bottle which has no identifiers on it.
Regards, Deon
I know I spent R995 with you in April 2007, but seem to think that I bought from you in 2006, though I may be wrong.
I heard about you from Regula Danneker, as I recall.
Regards – Simon
Hi Pieter, 21 Oct 2011 at a function in Johannesburg.  We subsequently shared a story about Meg the Jackback – an interesting blend of Jack Russel and Ridgeback who, if she was human, would definitely like a drop of Blank.
Buy a donkey, Alasdair
Long time since we spoke!  I discovered you through my cousin Rudi Markram, who lived in the Cape a while ago.  This was in 2005.  You did a special mix for my Charity Foundation, called the Nicholas Rey Foundation.  We designed the label and then your blank bottle became a very sought after Cab. Sauv. 2005 for many of our patrons!  I have the last few bottles left as collectors items and just to let you now, I recently auctioned a case of 12 bottles signed by Shaun Pollock.  The whole case of 12 sold for R12 000.00  (R1 000.00 per bottle).  The purchaser gave me the whole case as a gift and I have recently shared a bottle from that case with my very good friend, Dr Louis Luyt!  We watched the rugby together on the weekend having your  wine, and saw the Stormers beat the Sharks with one point!!!   Dr Luyt loves his red wines and was extremely impressed!
Blank Bottle has been great for us!  Thank you and all the best for the new year!!!
Regards, Ricky
I first saw BLANKbottle in Woolworths as I used to be involved in their advertising- but- must admit, did not take much note of it. I then started reading more and more about it in the numerous food and wine blog’s I follow and was intrigued to find out more somewhat because of what BLANKbottle ment and your personal journey to achieve it. This was mainly because I was in a crossraods in my life where I had to decide whether to stay in a good job, working with fantastic people and earning a salary BUT not being entirely happy and following my dreams. This versus packing it all in and doing what I have secretly- and recently not so secretly- wanted to do…. learn to become a chef. Which is what I chose and am currently doing… I think I even emailed you at the time to thank you for the inspiration in part of making that final decision.
So I guess the story is more interesting than the actual introduction to the drinking of your wine but hey! Hope you enjoy.
Kind Regards, Mark
I trust that this message finds you well and more importantly in good health.
I recall attending a Rotary International meeting at the Bellville golf club in early 2007 (Or late 2006) when you did a presentation for either the Rotary club of Bellville or the Rotary club of Tygerberg and it was at this meeting that I got to know about Blank Bottle – An awesome concept and one that immediately made an impression on all who were there that night. I must add that I have never opened or given away one of your wines without personally praising the wine or receiving a positive comment from others, which is a testimony in it’s self of the gift you have in blending various wines.
I would add that it was in the same year, as a matter of fact on the 05.06.07 @ 08H00 that I gave my life to the Lord and this has proved to be the best decision that I have ever made. You are probably either cringing right now or wondering why I am telling you this. Well I have subsequently started studying a BA degree part time (Five years) in Theology and Bible study and one of my subjects in the 2nd semester last year was the book, the Gospel of John in which I noted that the first miracle as recorded that Jesus performed, was that of the water that was turned into wine at the wedding feast.
It was customary in those days to serve the best wine first however when the wine ran out at the wedding and the wine that was made from water was served, it was noted that this wine was better. The comment ” I note that you kept the best wine for last ” was made.
This is my experience of your wines – You are able to perform miracles and hence there has yet to be a wine from Blank Bottle that will not live beyond the reputation of being an excellent wine and of course I would add, at a very good price.
May your business grow from strength to strength – May your passion never die and may you truly experience the favour of God upon your business and in all your ways for all things are possible by His grace and His grace alone.
God bless – Shalom
From Cori Ham some three or four years ago when he first ordered wine from you!
Kind regards , Pierre
Ps It would help if I mentioned when it was that we met you – I think it was about June of 2005 . We had just moved in and were living in the open barn with mattresses on the floor and sleeping bags and camp chairs etc. It took until 2007 to add bedrooms and is still unfinished in places – but it’s home !
Whilst I think of it , could I have your cellphone number so I can call someday to arrange the odd bottle? We have Valentine’s soon – it would be the greatest red thing I could think of to give Owen for the 14th ! Are you in this area this week ?
Thanks, Charlotte
I heard about you from Peter Carruthers (Business Warriors) and then I went and looked at your website and thought what a brilliant idea…… And then I met you and thought how animated and passionate you were about your products ( you delivered the first order yourself and came to introduce yourself….)….. and now I am hooked!!
And yes that was quite a while ago……….
Hope that stirs up some memories for you too!
Kind regards, Che
You have been communicating with me for few years now and I am amazed at you patience since I never get to responding.  I live in Germiston in Gauteng Province.  I am not a wine person and knows nothing or very little about wines.
Kind regards, Kolisa
Nice to hear from you I can see your business is thriving and I’m glad I first met you through our rotary club in Dec 2008 Stand corrected You were kind enough to present to us and allow us to taste/ order our wines
Keep up the good work, Frank
That’s an interesting question… when/where did I hear of BLANKbottle…
Actually, I’ve got NO idea how I came upon you!   I’ve looked at my archives and the oldest email I’ve got is dated “Wed 2007/08/29 14:17”, welcoming me to BLANKbottle, telling me that I’ll be receiving the monthly newsletter from then onwards (the first one to tell about you and a friend making Sauvignon in a single garage) and including the info about the SORGA Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz 2006.
But, where I got the info from to register and start receiving…  Don’t think it was somebody else… So either it was spam email from you! 🙂 or I saw it on a website somewhere.
I know this won’t qualify me for your prizes as there will be others longer and with better stories, but thought I’d let you know either way.  I didn’t realise it was that long ago already!
Keep up the good work.
Hi, I heard of BLANKbottle from a friend, joined the email list and never looked back. I can not remember when it was, but it was some time ago!
Regards, NIEL
The date was – Sat 14/01/2006  12:28
Im sure that i had ordered before this time, probably on my old computer that was stolen
You friend and dentist and colleague of mine Frans Kruger invited me to the opening of his practice in Hermanus . He told me that his friend and wine maker was going to be there for an introduction and tasting of his wines, and of making videos on his website.  I told Frans that I had I had already been drinking and tasting your wines for some time!!! At that function was when I eventually met up with you and again at Cape Storm.
Yes we always have a bottle or two of BLANK in the house, and introduced friends to the brand.
So happy when I heard that you were working with Alan Mullens and the Boss wine.
All the best to you and your family and BLANK
Just cannot find my first order – perhaps it was the 14.1.2006???
Hierdie is die eerste mail wat ek van blankbottle het. Jan 10. 2006. Dit was wel nie die eerste keer wat ek van jou gehoor het nie. Ek was ook deel van die business warriors. As ek reg onthou was een van die saadjies vir die besigheid in die forum geplant.
Dit was wel ‘n hele ruk daarna toe ek eendag op die N1 tussen JHB en PTA ry wat die gedagte by my opkom dat ek lus is vir iets nuuts. Paar minute daarna onthou ek van blankbottle. Ek het dit gaan google. The rest is not only history….. it is maturing in your cellar. -;)
Groete, Alwyn
PS: Ons moet nog die wine tasting hou
Hmmm, ek’t jou kunswerk die eerste keer kon geniet in 2006, rondom begin van die jaar. Johan Pottie Potgieter het my vertel van ‘n kreatiewe surfer pel van hom, wat ook saam’t ons in die kerk is (so hy’s ligit), wat “extravagence” in die wynbottel sit en nie in die prys nie. So ek’t die voorreg gehad Blank Bottle te ontdek in 2006: ek’t Abrina gekoop en dit gelove en die res is geskiedenis – ek’s hooked op die wyne!
Interessant is die feit dat ek seker Blank Bottle se “moeilikste” klient is vanaf ons eerste transaksie: dis maklik om my bestellings te verwerk, maar om wyn by my uit te kry is seker een van julle grootste uitdagings nog – ek’s amper nooit tuis nie, my vrou is min tuis, ek het nie ‘n vaste kantoor nie en Blank Bottle moet elke keer my wyn op een of ander kreatiewe manier by my uitkry, want ek werk nooit op dieselfde plek nie! SO far so good, well done!
Actually I heard about Blank Bottle from Kim (tasted your wine first at her wedding).  I think it was the Tiara?  We were staying in Knysna and I knew that there would be no wine shops open on Sunday.  I also knew that my father in law (to be at that point) and I would need some wine for the Sunday braai we were planning on having.  So much to the disgust of my wife (girlfriend at the time) I took a few half full bottles home from the wedding.  I do remember asking though…
I think the first wine we ordered from you had a name beginning with a A. A something.  Still have a bottle at home.
Regards, Mark
well  I  am  a  full time  volunteer  and  student  ,  I  have  started  making  my  own  beer  really  enjoying it ,  I  cant  afford  expensive  wines  so  I  asked  around  where  can  i  buy  some  no name  bottles  unlabelled  bottles  ,  I  found  you   it  was    around  2008  if  I  recall  ,  I  asked  for  a  box  of  your  cheapest  unbottled  wines  ,  which  I  got  I  still  have  1  of  those  bottles  I  think ,   anyway  I  have  kept  most  of  your emails  from  way  back  2008  at  this  point  I  really  do  hope  I  am  one  of the  older  member s  I have  ordered   a   odd  box  or  two  since  then  ,  but  Im  still a  Volunteer  and  still  can’t  afford  fancy  wines,  Thanks  always  enjoy reading  your  pages
Regards, Kelly
I have been a client for about 6 or 7 years, can’t remember exactly.  I heard about you from Peter Carruthers and I think you had pretty much just started back then.
Regards, Kathrin
Originally through Peter Carruthers of Business Warriors fame, I cannot remember when, but probably shortly after you started.  He wrote about you on his Business Warriors forum, and raved about how good your wine was…..
I think that he was also impressed with your business model!
Regards, Ian
First heard of you when purchasing a bottle from Woolworths, can’t remember which one, it was a while ago. You will probably know as when I opened your website and watched the video, you said it was the first time you had used Woolies to distribute your wines.
Cheers, Tony
I bought all the wine for my wedding from you.  We got married 29 April 2006.  I think I heard about you from a friend, Mark Lagan (copied above) – I think….which means if that is true, he would be longer standing than me.
Somewhere in 2004 or may be in 2005 you had a wine presentation on premises of my company, ISS International in Stellenbosch (Electron Str in Technopark).
At that time different wines and the concept of creating “Blank Bottles” was presented to me and at I bought my first few “Blank Bottles”.
Regards, Janusz
I first heard of Blankbottle via e-mail (not sure when, but very long ago!).  My first record of an EFT dates back to 6 July 2008, but I know for a fact that I purchased wine on my credit card over the internet immediately after I received the first email from you.
This is the first date I’ve got proof of though, since my credit card records are at home. If I have time tonight, I will search through my old statements and let you know.
I’ve had a wonderful relationship with Blank Bottle – thanks!!
Regards, Karen
I can’t recall exactly where I learnt about BLANKbottle but I’m sure I read about it from an online article. My oldest newsletter/correspondence I have between us is dated 18th September 2006.
Regards, Stef
below is my card transaction with you in 2007. I first heard of you through Business warriors and then followed your stories on you early escapades in developing your own brand. I am probably not your oldest customer but I have enjoyed the ride.
Cheers, Gavin
Hi I met you at a wine tasting in Jo’burg organized by my friend Helen Heenan and her brother. We had a fantastic evening outside and you helped me realise that there isn’t necessarily a right answer just your opinion about wine. As an English woman I obviously bought wines from supermarkets and assumed that the more expensive a wine is the better it must be.
I am now more interested in grapes and actually know what some of them taste like!!! We regularly buy your wines and I am slowly introducing them to Standard Bank and even the ‘proper’ wine appreciates are now realizing that some of their opinions are based on ‘snobbery’.
Last week a client if my husband was given a glass of your wine, ‘black’ which he was so taken with he took our remaining bottle as they don’t sell it in Germany… So I have even introduced blank bottle to Europe!
Regards, Helen
Sherbet man I can’t remember, I think I contacted you because I heard of your concept somewhere and wanted to do your PR. I don’t think I would be your longest standing client though!
I cannot remember when but I started of buying Back TJ and ISA42, after receiving an intriguing email about this brilliant concept, pay for the wine not the name.
The most fun is pouring the wine for friends and seeing their expressions.  I can only guess what they think when they first see the bottle, but the first taste never fails bringing up the “hmmm, what is this!!” reaction.
As I have told you over the years, the concept that was to exclude expensive brands has now become a brand on its own.  Congratulations.
sover ek kan onthou het rocco de villiers my vertel van blankbottle – dit was ‘n rukkie na die vrystelling van isa42 (so dit moes 2003 gewees het) en ek was baie hartseer dat dit uitverkoop was teen die tyd wat ek daarvan te hore gekom het.
dankie baie vir al die jare se amazing wyne!
Groetnis, carel
One on colleagues Dr Oubaas Pretorius told me about your wines and endeavors in 2008. But it was only from the beginning of last year that I really got INTO your wine!!
Kind regards, Nico
I met you: November Wine Tasting at Casper’s du Plessis House 2008, I did my Googling in that week prior to the Wine tasting, video that you and your brother put together.
You were not allowed to drive, the Cape Storm Story, The Midnight Call Stories …. Platinum Cards and all, your son’s ill health, Joel, Eye of the Storm Wine, the first range of Moment of Silence. The list goes on …. But Most special of them All “The Spaniard – 2007”
The Woolworths break with Alexa, The Boss and then The Big Mistake … The Parlotones.
Then we have the wine tasting events at my home September 3, 2009 and again September 3, 2010
Kind Regards, Randall
Die oudste email wat ek het is die een hieronder… 16/10/2008, maar toe het ek alreeds ‘n kas of 2 van jou 54. rooi wyn gehad.  Ek het nog ‘n bottel wat ‘n wit geskrewe plakker op het met die wyn se naam en ‘n datum op  …
Groete, Thabo Pienaar

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