Last week Xaver (my brother) and I produced a new BLANKbottle short film: “A day in the life of BLANKbottle”. Whilst writing the script, I once again realized how much goes into the production of one wine!
There’s only 1 person on BLANKbottle’s payroll and that’s me. But, there are many faces behind BLANKbottle. No man is an island… and BLANKbottle is no exception. My days are so diverse. I never thought I would say this, but some days, I actually crave monotony. BLANKbottle is an integrated system of people who operate independently in their field of expertise whilst I, as graciously as possible, glide amongst them.
I start my day at the office, working on new blends, sorting out packaging and catching up on admin. In the meantime, the guys in the vineyards are pruning. Label designs are being finalised, a copywriter is editing my newsletter. Despatch is sending out new orders, the photographer’s taking pack shots, programmers are updating the website. Samples of new wines are being tasted across Europe. The accounting is being wrapped up for the year. Printing plates are in production, we are designing new boxes, orders are being delivered and my warehouse is completing month end stock take. Oh yes, and I am also experimenting with new packaging methods, proof reading a magazine article,  juggling  constant phone calls and arranging 7 wine tasting events in Joburg.
Keep in mind that in the meantime, clients are browsing my website, placing orders, dinking my wines and communicating.
Now this is a day in the life of BLANKbottle, and it’s not even harvest time! Everyone gives a little bit of their passion and each BLANKbottle is an expression of our values, personalities and philosophies.

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Due to the many small batches of wines we make, availability changes on a daily basis. Please email if you’d like to order any of our wines or if you are looking for a specific wine, and she will reply with a list of wines now selling. If the wine you are looking for is sold out, we could suggest some alternative excitement and/or we could also put together a unique selection for you.

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