For many years I’ve been presenting tastings to private clients. It’s always been core to my business – getting face-time with people who love wine. I am not exactly sure what happened in the last few months, but the tastings took on new momentum. I subsequently decided to formalize the planning of trips. I am setting aside one week in a month where I’ll commit to travelling and presenting tastings. The past 2 months have been Joburg’s turn and this month I am off to Bloemfontein and Kimberly. A new city that I am excited about is Durban. I’m temporarily booked for a week trip there in October, but still have plenty open nights (17 to 21 October 2011). You see, I can surf in the day and present tastings at night – not possible in Joburg! But don’t worry Joburg. I still love your city and will be there 26-29 October. I also have a few open nights there.
This is where I need your help. Please let me know if you would like to host an event like this. You will need to invite people/friends/colleagues/clients/friends of friends, in short, people who love wine and want to have some fun, open up your house (or find an alternative venue) and I will be the entertainment. I’ll bring the wine and glasses, present a tasting on the  BLANKbottle wines now selling. We could taste anything between 7 and 10 different wines on the night. I have my own style when presenting these tastings. You see, BLANKbottle is a mere bottle imitation of myself and my life up to now. I’ll tell you everything, yes, everything! My life before and my journey within wine. The lows and the highs with the wine as your tour guide. If you understand where I come from, you”ll understand BLANKbottle.
Most nights start out quite respectably with everyone on best behaviour, but it normally ends in a radical, chaotic fashion. Some nights even start chaotic, like the other evening in Bryanston, and later completely goes off the rails. It’s about having fun, being honest and learning about wine and making it a part of your life – simply enjoying it without the pressure.
See again below the 2 weeks planned:
17 October 2011 – DURBAN – Still open
18 October 2011 – DURBAN – Still open
19 October 2011 – DURBAN – Still open
20 October 2011 – DURBAN – Still open
21 October 2011 – DURBAN – BOOKED FOR TASTING in Umhlanga
26 October 2011 – JOBURG – Still open
27 October 2011 – JOBURG – BOOKED FOR TASTING in Westcliff
28 October 2011 – JOBURG – Still open
29 October 2011 – JOBURG – Still open
30 October 2011 – JOBURG – Still open
To book a night e-mail me: – If these nights don’t work for you please book a date in advance that could and we can plan things from there.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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