This is the time of the year when I release plenty of new wines. I subsequently commit a substantial amount of my time to one of my favourite pastimes – wine tastings! You are welcome to book me for a casual wine tasting afternoon/evening with friends at home or a corporate wine tasting with your colleagues or wine club.

I have many new wines: We can taste the sold-out-on-pre-release THE BOMB 2010 Cab Merlot and My eie Stofpad Cabernet franc 2011. Then there’s the ultra spectacular new Breedekloof Cinsault 2011 named My Koffer, The new vintage of The WHITE BLACK 2011, Moment of Silence 2011, BLACK 2010, the new EKG Petit Verdot, the new Stellenbosch Midnight Call 2011 and The Little Spaniard – 9 new wines in total.
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Johannesburg: My first trip is in 2 weeks time and I still have 2 openings. From there on I will be in Johannesburg for tastings at least once every second month for the rest of the year. So please send me a date that suits you and we can take it from there.
22 May               Johannesburg               Available
23 May               Johannesburg               Available
24 May               Johannesburg               Booked
25 May               Johannesburg               Booked
Cape Town: As I am based in Somerset West, tastings in and around Cape Town can be booked at any time.
Durban: I had an extremely successful trip to Durban last year (both with tastings and surfing…), and would like to return there at least twice this year.
All other cities/towns: If you are from another city/small town and interested in a tasting, please advise and I’ll file it. Whenever I can get enough evenings booked I’ll be there. Wherever you are…
Booking procedures:
1. E-mail me suitable dates as well as a possible venue (could be your house, office, garden – name it, I’ve done it!).
2. I will check dates. I need to be able to arrange 3 – 5 tastings to make a trip worth my while. I’ll then confirm.
3. You invite the people (optimally between 10 and 30). I will rock up with my wines. We taste 6 – 9 wines. The group pays for the wine consumed on the night. For tasting, we use 1 bottle of each wine for 15 people. I cover all travel and accommodation costs.
4. After the tasting I will take orders and the wine will be delivered to your home address. I deliver all over SA.
So it’s simple – email me a date and place and we take it from there. Thanks so much – looking forward to meeting hundreds of new people across our beautiful country and sharing some of the winelands’ inspiration.

Telephone: +27 (0)82 872 8658

Please note

Due to the many small batches of wines we make, availability changes on a daily basis. Please email if you’d like to order any of our wines or if you are looking for a specific wine, and she will reply with a list of wines now selling. If the wine you are looking for is sold out, we could suggest some alternative excitement and/or we could also put together a unique selection for you.

Please also make sure you add your name to our list below. You’ll be the first to know of new releases.

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