I want to broadcast the launch of 6 new wines live over the internet – as an online wine tasting! Do you want to join me…online…at home?

You see, I’ve bottled 12 new wines and have 6 ready for release. Every single one is super exciting and deserves a dedicated release e-mail. My problem is that in order to release these 6 wines, I would need to write an e-book and expect you to read it all (which in all likelihood you wouldn’t have time for). So I’ve come to a solution (I think!) – a real-time online wine tasting.
The procedure:
– If I can count on you to join, e-mail me pieter@blankbottle.co.za
– I see how many attendees I have. If viable, I set a date/time, preferably on a Saturday evening.
– You register online. (fill out a short form with your name etc…) and invite a few friends (1 to 6) to assist you in finishing 6 bottles of wine.
– I distribute a mixed case of the 6 new wines to your home/office (delivery in 3 days). This will be for your account – sorry, nothing’s for free.
– 10 Minutes before the launch you log into the website, follow the instructions – And we are live!
Due to slow SA internet, I cannot broadcast in video, so it will be in audio, accompanied by a slideshow of notes and vineyard photos etc. I will taste and discuss the wines live; with you listening/tasting on the other end. You can post/type comments or questions that I’ll be receiving in real time and answer audibly, straight away. The tasting will last approximately 1 hour.
Afterwards you are welcome to place an order via e-mail and I will then send you the invoice, you pay via EFT and I deliver within 3 days to your home/office. And you shouldn’t be thirsty for at least 30 days.
To view an example of what I mean, go to my website/blog and view the YouTube recording of an interview I had with Mentor24, an SME support network. It was live and it was at this specific interview where the online winetasting idea was born.
I am building this business with YOU and for YOU, so your input is unbelievably super valuable. Without you I would be living somewhere along the coast in a shed built of seaweed and driftwood.
Here are preview pics of some of the new wines:

E-mail: pieter@blankbottle.co.za
Telephone: +27 (0)82 872 8658

Please note

Due to the many small batches of wines we make, availability changes on a daily basis. Please email aneen@blankbottle.co.za if you’d like to order any of our wines or if you are looking for a specific wine, and she will reply with a list of wines now selling. If the wine you are looking for is sold out, we could suggest some alternative excitement and/or we could also put together a unique selection for you.

Please also make sure you add your name to our list below. You’ll be the first to know of new releases.

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