As we move along in this adventure called life, we’re (hopefully) increasingly exposed to fine and fascinating wines. We forget quickly and the days of getting excited when opening a bottle of Tassenberg is long gone. So it was then, that in February 1994 I...

Retirement@65 2017

Today I am releasing the new 2017 vintage of Retirement@65 – a blend of mainly Cinsaut with a dash of its neighbouring Syrah vineyard. The 2016 vintage was so well received that this wine is now officially part of our ongoing range. The 2017 vintage though, is...

The young guns, AT HEART tasting tour 2018

About midway through harvest this year, I happened to drop by a winery where husband Roland Peens was busy sorting through his wife, Jessica Saurwein’s Pinot Noir grapes from Kaaimansgat. Quite randomly he asked me if I would like to be a Young Gun in their...

The effect of the drought on our vineyards

You might be wondering what the effect of the current drought in the Western Cape has had on our harvest and the vines. Seeing that we are now (at long last) done with harvest 2018, I’ll do my best at summing it up for you. Ample amounts of water creates a happy vine...
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