Never say never – a straight Pinotage

Back in 2015 an old varsity friend referred me to a farmer called Boetie van Reenen. Not long thereafter a farmer whom I buy grapes from, as well as a fellow winemaker, referred me to the same guy. So with 3 solid referrals, I met with this Darling farmer who...

Familiemoord 2018

In 2013, I released a wine called Familiemoord – a wine about the extraordinary but true story of how the police thought I killed my son and buried him in a shallow grave in the vacant property next to our house. The Cape Argus’ article on 11 May 2013...

What happened in Marseilles, France?

Being in Marseille at the film festival was like watching the French rugby team jog onto the field to play the Springboks in a jam-packed Stade de France. There’s a full French squad on the field, exclusively French supporters on the stands, a French referee and...

Back from Hollywood, off to Marsailles

This year has a mind of it’s own. My 2019 overseas sales trips had been planned to a T – 2 trips, 6 countries. But a documentary film we recently completed about Blankbottle, called EPILEPTIC INSPIRATION, resulted in 2 additional trips – firstly to...
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